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Steven S. Bammel is the creator of Korea Business Central, as well as president of Korean Consulting & Translation Service, Inc. ( With a masters degree from Hanyang University in management strategy, and author of the Definitive Guide to Business Cards in Korea, Steven has been hacking Korean business cards for almost 20 years. He is also an FDI Advisor to GyeongGi Province and consultant to the GyeongGi Association of Foreign Invested Companies, and writes the Nojeok Hill: My View from the Top weblog ( Follow Steven on Twitter.

Last Two Weeks in Korea (July 22, 2014) – Samsung IT Products Stolen During World Cup

July 22, 2014 Edition

1) Severance pay to be split in divorces

The Supreme Court ruled that a retirement pension or severance […]

Last Two Weeks in Korea (July 8, 2014) – Koreans Sued Over ‘Illegal Subtitles’ by U.S. TV Producers

July 8, 2014 Edition

1) Chinese leader Xi Jinping in Seoul, prior to Pyongyang

Xi Jinping visited Korea on July 3, the […]

Last Two Weeks in Korea (June 24, 2014) – Psy’s New Release Reaches No. 26 on Billboard

June 24, 2014 Edition

1) Korea unlikely to advance to next round in Brazil

Korean soccer team got a good start with […]

Last Two Weeks in Korea (June 9, 2014) – Koreans Work Long Hours, and Also Years

June 10, 2014 Edition

1) Nominee for PM withdraws

Ahn Dae-hee, former Supreme Court judge known as Mr.Clean Hands, withdraw from his […]

Last Two Weeks in Korea (May 27, 2014) – Ferry Owner on Most Wanted List

May 27, 2014 Edition

1) Ferry owner on most wanted list

Yoo Byung-eon, the owner of ill fated ferry operator and leader […]

Last Three Weeks in Korea (May 13, 2014) – Korea Still in Mourning (+ Response)

May 13, 2014 Edition

1) Korea still in sorrow

The sadness of Apr 16 Sewol ferry incident has continued, with 275 dead […]

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