Many factors are involved in the process of applying for a new job, and one that comes into play for those trying to get a job in Korea is whether it’s possible to apply from outside Korea, or whether one needs to be physically present in Korea in order to be competitive for a new position with a Korean company.

I recently answered the following question from someone in my network:

“Is it possible to apply for a job when a person is out of Korea? Or I should just go to Korea and start applying for jobs while I am there?”

For my full treatment of the topic: Considerations of Current Location When Applying for a Job in Korea

Tips Related to Applying for a Job in Korea from Overseas

  1. English teachers, factory workers, top management and holders of highly specialized skills can generally apply for jobs in Korea from abroad.
  2. If you’re not having success applying from overseas and don’t want to just keep trying, then the other option is to come to Korea to look for a job locally.
  3. Buy yourself time to stay in Korea looking for a job but without wasting time by enrolling in an intensive Korean-language course or other grad-school level university program.

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